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6 October 09:00 - 10:00 CEST

Next level affiliate marketing

How to revamp your digital marketing strategy in 2023

Join us for a free webinar with Breakit and Awin - at 9.00-10.00 CET, October 6.

Digital marketing strategies have exploded in the last five years. And, in tougher times, more companies tend to go with the saying “put your money where your mouth is”. That is marketing closer to the purchase. Nowadays, affiliate marketing plays an important role in digital marketing. But the playing field is wide and the variety of affiliate marketing companies makes it difficult to know the best way forward. 

Breakit and Awin invite you to a webinar on the topic where we will be focusing on the diverse areas of innovation enabled by the affiliate network. How tech-centric affiliate partners have increased in number and quality? How can they help with targeting, converting and re-engaging? 

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Some of the topics we will address during the webinar:

  • Is it possible to outsource your innovation within marketing?
  • How to focus on local markets – and prepare for a scale-up.
  • The art of getting straight to purchase and increasing your sales in tough times.
  • Is it possible to reduce your spending on Google Ads?
  • Have we reached peak influencers? If so, what is the next step?
  • How business intelligence could automatize your digital marketing?
  • How to level up GDPR and security in affiliate marketing.
  • Tomorrow's affiliate – the trends you need to know.

Insights and how-tos will be shared by the following speakers:

Soreto. James Lovelace, Vice President, Commercial, will cover on how to generate additional traffic, increase impressions and purchase conversion. 

Increasingly. Sri Sharma, CEO and Cofounder will discuss if it is it possible to increase the average order value and how can that be achieved? How do we get people to stay, and come back? 

SingleView. Gareth Powell, Global Head of Customer Success, on how can we measure the ad spend better? How do we reach control and predictability and which are the main data points? 

Awin. Benjamin Mullen, Client Service Director, Nordics will talk about several technology partnership examples along with a Q&A discussion. 

Join us at this free webinar for an inspirational hour with how-tos and the latest in affiliate marketing!

This webinar will be held in English.

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Tid, plats och kontakt

Datum: 6 oktober

Tid: 09.00-10.00

Plats: Vi sänder via den digitala plattformen Zoom. Länk skickas ut vid anmälan. 

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Moderator Kristofer Steneberg welcomes participants and introduces the topic.


Examples of technology partnerships + Q & A discussion

Benjamin Mullen, Client Service Director Nordics at Awin, will talk about several technology partnership examples along with a Q&A discussion.


Panel discussion: how to increase traffic, impressions, purchase conversion, order value and measuring

In this panel discussion, James Lovelace, Vice President Commercial at Soreto, will cover how to generate additional traffic, increase impressions and purchase conversion. Sri Sharma, CEO and Cofounder at Increasingly, will discuss if it is possible to increase the average order value and how can that be achieved. How do we get people to stay, and come back? Gareth Powell, Global Head of Customer Success at SingleView, will deepen on how to better measure the ad spend. How do we reach control and predictability, and which are the main data points?


Q & A + round off

Moderator Kristofer Steneberg raises questions submitted by participants via chat room for the panel to discuss. 



Benjamin Mullen
Director Of Client Services, Awin Global

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James Lovelace
Vice President, Commercial, Soreto

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Gareth Powell
Global Head of Customer Success, SingleView

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Sri Sharma
CEO and Cofounder, Increasingly

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Kristofer Steneberg

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